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How to attend online Sabaq

26 March 2020 Published 4044

Instructions to Join Online Sabaq

  1. Download zoom cloud meetings app from respective app store / You can also join from your Mac/Windows PC
  2. Launch the app and click on join a meeting
  3. Meeting ID for the Sabaq will be sent to your respective sabaq group Example: XXX YYY ZZZZ
  4. Pass-code will be given 15 minutes before the scheduled meeting start time
  5. Ensure that when you have signed into a meeting
    • You are sitting with adab in Libaas ul Anwar as per khushi Mubarak of Aqa Moula (TUS)
    • Your phone Audio is on Mute
    • Use the raise my hand feature if you want to ask a question in between the sabaq
    • Your video is turned ON as Amil Saheb will be able to see all Sabaq participants to make the sabak as interactive as possible
    • Your full Name and ITS in bracket like Mumin Bhai Bangalorewala (20331234) is visible as Sabaq is by raza ONLY and ITS will be used for verification, non authenticated users will be removed and will NOT be able to join again

What can you do to prep for the meeting

  1. Download the app today and keep it ready.

  2. Get familiar with some of the basic features of the app by watching the video below

Meeting will start 10 minutes before Janab amil saheb arrives to give mumineen an opportunity to sort out all technical issues with the coordinators.

Unable to hear during meeting

Ensure that you have joined the call using device audio or refer to the images below to enable your audio


Online Sabaq Umoor Dakheliyah
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