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Sunday, 06 December 2020 22:59

BLIX - Robotic

Umoor Taalimiya is always striving to bring forth to you the best that we can find, to bring exposure to our children so that they can be aware and trained in the latest and finest.


Recently we had conducted a session on Robotics. The session was very well received by children and parents. Please refer to a short video for more details. 





Blix Robotics in association with Umoor Taalimiyah is offering their most in-demand course for a 50% discount. The ₹12000 course is now available for ₹6000. This includes the building kit, with all its motors and sensors, and modules. Not just that, but training sessions will also be provided as per your timelines and convenience. The training will help the children make not just the basic models but will challenge them to innovate and develop different models on their own. With this khidmat we endeavor to gain the azeem neamat of our Beloved Aqa Moula TUS ni khushi Mubarak and dua Mubarak.

We would appreciate it if you gave us your valuable feedback about the session.



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